Equity Story

Pragmatic process - step-by-step

:be AG is a rigorous and professional architectural design company. It works with clear processes and to the highest architectural standards. Motivated by a strong creative and innovative drive and founded on a tried-and-tested approach, it has made its name with award-winning buildings that are highly efficient and internationally acclaimed.


Its 2226 building concept, a unique selling point in the sustainability sector, complements existing knowhow and networks and the ability to harness synergies in the evaluation of new locations. With the first building in its property portfolio (mixed use, 2700 m2) secured, :be AG’s 2021 listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange’s Direct Market has laid solid foundations for further growth.

Integrated growth

:be AG’s key aim is to achieve broad-based growth across all sectors of the group: architecture, innovative building technology based on the 2226 concept, and the development and operation of its own portfolio of properties. This will translate into more business locations, more large-scale projects, more 2226 projects, more of its own 2226 buildings – all with the same architectural excellence.

Growth strategy – architecture
Growth strategy – 2226
Company formation strategy – property