• Building on 35 years of experience

    :be AG is a byword for award-winning architecture, the ground-breaking 2226 building concept and now high-end property development in-house.

On the ground, around the globe

:be AG was formed in Lustenau, Austria in October 2020, more than 35 years after the birth of the Baumschlager Eberle Group. Its purpose is to set a course for the coming decades that will ensure the group’s continued success in the provision of architectural design services and the development and implementation of sustainable building concepts.


:be AG companies build sustainably across the board, going beyond issues of energy efficiency to create lasting cultural, social, aesthetic and economic value. Their key focus is on authentic buildings that chime with their local environments and will stand the test of time.


With companies located in 14 cities across Europe and Asia, :be AG has a keen eye for cultural context and the specific needs of its clients.

Integrated growth

:be AG’s key aim is to achieve broad-based growth across all sectors of the group: architecture, innovative building technology based on the 2226 concept, and the development and operation of its own portfolio of properties. This will translate into more business locations, more large-scale projects, more 2226 projects, more of its own 2226 buildings – all with the same architectural excellence.

Wide-ranging managerial expertise

Executive duo CEO Elmar Hasler and CFO Stefan Ruedl combine years of experience at the head of the well-established architecture business with a fresh approach and wide-ranging skills in corporate accounting. As managing director, company founder Prof. Dietmar Eberle, now a member of the supervisory board, continues to shape the firm’s architectural direction and spearhead the successful growth of the Baumschlager Eberle Group. The supervisory board offers international expertise in the legal and property development fields and many years of leadership experience in a range of sectors.