Corporate structure

Wide-ranging managerial expertise

The supervisory board has appointed an executive team ideally qualified to lead Baumschlager Eberle Gruppe into the future while maintaining its corporate values. It combines a genuine commitment to the highest quality standards with an expert understanding of modern business methods. Common goals and values, a climate of trust, and openness to new technologies provide the basis for long-term growth across the business.

Our Board of Directors

Elmar Hasler and Stefan Ruedl

Executive duo CEO Elmar Hasler and CFO Stefan Ruedl combine years of experience at the head of the well-established architecture business with a fresh approach and wide-ranging skills in corporate accounting.

The same applies to the supervisory board itself, where company founder Prof. Dietmar Eberle continues to spearhead the group’s quest for healthy profits and architectural excellence. International expertise in the legal and property development fields and many years of leadership experience across a range of sectors underline the group’s sound knowhow base.

With the step to the stock exchange, the company management is relying on a broader equity capital base. The aim is to secure the sustainable corporate strategy of quality, innovation and growth - and not least the life's work of the founder Prof. Dietmar Eberle - for the long-term future.

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