• The future of sustainable architecture

    :be AG was formed in 2020 to ensure the continued success of the Baumschlager Eberle Group. Building on 35 years of experience, it brings together timeless architecture, the ground-breaking 2226 building concept, and its own high-end property development portfolio. Its key aim is to achieve broad-based growth.

  • From Austrian architecture firm to public company

    :be AG has two subsidiaries: the 1985-established architecture firm Baumschlager Eberle Architekten and 2226 AG, launched in 2016.

  • All of :be AG’s key dates at a glance

    :be AG provides a constant flow of company information – from financial reports to presentations and details of our AGM. Dates as follows:

Architecture and building concepts

:be AG was formed in Lustenau, Austria in October 2020, more than 35 years after the birth of the Baumschlager Eberle Group. Its purpose is to set a course for the coming decades that will ensure the group’s continued success in the provision of architectural design services and the development and implementation of sustainable building concepts.


With 14 subsidiaries spread across eight countries, the core activities of the new holding company are the acquisition and management of new shareholdings, and intellectual property rights management. In August 2021 it listet on the stock market in a move designed to ramp up its growth strategy, drive forward international expansion and the development of innovative building concepts, and secure access to the capital market.


:be AG companies build sustainably across the board, going beyond issues of energy efficiency to create lasting cultural, social, aesthetic and economic value. Their key focus is on authentic buildings that chime with their local environments and will stand the test of time.


August 2021 – Goal: moving up the market

Shares in :be AG will be trading on Vienna MTF’s Direct Market at the Vienna Stock Exchange from 23 August 2021. This entry-level segment provides an excellent springboard to the stock market in an environment where the stock can take its first steps. Experience gained here will be fed into an ongoing initiative to adapt internal processes for higher market segments.

Why invest in :be AG?

:be AG is ideally placed to meet the growing demand for fully sustainable properties with its tried-and-tested solutions. This applies not only in its current key markets in western Europe, but also across the rest of Europe and Asia. Growth is our key aim and we have a clearly charted course to achieving it.